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Other Products . . .

Ceramic and Lightweight Pots

We stock a large range of APTA and Mims ceramic pots, in both glazed and terracotta styles, and all sizes from little tiny pots right up to large terracotta items.

Saucers and pot feet are also in stock year round. Our lightweight range includes some resin pots, made to look like stone, and also a large selection of decorative plastic pots in all colours and sizes. Bowls and troughs also in stock. 

Also stocked

Obelisks, trellis, bamboo canes and tree stakes, as well as wrought iron plant supports.

Fertilisers, weedkillers and other sundries are stocked. We have a lovely 'log cabin' which has a range of fairy houses and accessories plus a small selection of houseplant pots, twine, labels and other sundries.   

We have a wide range of wicker and wire hanging baskets, plus wrought iron ones, together with a selection of jardinieres, wall baskets and mangers. Preformed basket liners are stocked. We also have a lovely range of hanging basket brackets.  

Compost and gravels

We stock the 'Clover' range of peat based composts alongside the RHS endorsed Melcourt range of peat free composts.

Compost varieties include ericaceous, seed and potting, as well as John Innes No 3, plus we have multipurpose compost in a range of sizes from 15lt to 100lt. Growbags, topsoil and farmyard manure are also in stock.  All are kept undercover so they are clean and dry for loading into your car.

We stock pine bark chips in a range of mini, chunky and mulched varieties, as well as pea gravel, horticultural and coarse grits. All our composts and gravels have 'multibuy' offers on them.  

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Plant Pots at Retford Garden Centre


Compost and sundreis at Windmill View Plant Centre, retford Notts