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Summer baskets: We have available from mid April onwards a huge variety of ready filled hanging and wall baskets. These come in all shapes and sizes, from 12" through to 18".We have wire baskets, wicker types in various designs, wall baskets, wrought iron troughs and cone shaped designs. These are all filled with colourful plants ready to be taken home and displayed. They can be chosen early and reserved, so that they can continue growing in our glasshouses till you are ready to have them.We use moss for our wire baskets, and also a wool blend liner, so customers can choose a basket lined with their preferred choice.

Winter baskets: We have available from September onwards a display of wicker baskets filled with pansies, and larger baskets filled with shrubs,heathers,ivy, pansies and violas. Winter baskets can be filled as required so we only have a few on display at any one time, unlike the summer baskets which we make up early to give them time to fill out and look their best. 

Refilled baskets: We offer a service whereby customers can bring their own baskets in to us and we will refill them. Customers can choose their own colour theme or opt for a mixed basket. We take orders for summer basket refills from March onwards, and start filling in mid April. The baskets are then kept in our glasshouses growing on, so when customers collect them at the end of May, they are filled out and looking colourful. Winter baskets can be filled whilst you wait.
Please bring your baskets in, we will measure them and quote you a price to refill them. There is absolutely no obligation to have them done, it's just far easier to quote a price when we have the basket on the table rather than trying to work it out over the phone from a vague description of the article!! 

Over the past few years, and again this year, we have filled hanging baskets for local pubs, tearooms and more. We have supplied the hanging baskets for the West Retford Hotel for the last few years.

We have a range of empty baskets available for those who prefer to create their own displays, with liners in stock as well. ( please see sundries page)