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Exotics - We have Yucca and Agave, also Cordylines in different colours and sizes,and a range of colourful Phormium. A selection of palm trees is also available, as well as olive trees. None of these are native to this country, but they will grow here, provided they are given the correct position. Palm trees must always be given suitable winter protection as even in sheltered gardens they are vulnerable to frost damage, especially when small.

Ferns - A selection of ferns is always available, including decidous types like the shuttlecock fern, and evergreen varieties like Polystichum. They are perfect for shady areas of the garden.

Fruit bushes - The nursery stocks strawberries and rhubarb. For fruit trees, ( apples, pears etc.) please see our tree section.

Grasses and Bamboos - We have a wide selection of ornamental grasses, from the small bushy ones to the tall Pampas Grass, unusual types like the Zebra Grass, and the dwarf gold and silver Pampas grasses. Bamboos come in all shapes and sizes, to suit all budgets.