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Acers - We stock over 20 varieties including Japanese acers such as the prostrate feathery Acer palmatum dissectum 'Garnet' and the upright types such as Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream', ' Atropurpureum' and 'Shirasawanum Aureum'. These all have fantastic colour changes throughout the seasons.In our ornamental tree section we have several maples including Acer platanus ' Crimson King' and 'Princeton Gold', and trees of special interest such as the variegated Acer Simon Louis Freres.   

Alpines - We grow a wide range of alpines suitable for troughs and rockeries, from prostrate varieties such as Aubrietia and Gypsophila, to the upright Sisyrinchium and Crassula. With flowering times varying through the year, there will always be something in colour for your garden. We started our business as alpine growers so we have a wide knowledge of these delightful little plants.They are mostly very low maintentance so can be planted and more or less left to their own devices.

Alpine Troughs - A selection of ready planted miniature alpine gardens is usually available.We have concrete troughs, terracotta pots and plastic bowls - to suit all pockets. Customers can also choose an empty trough and plants, and have it filled.

Climbers - We grow several types of climber, including honeysuckle, jasmine,ivy and wisteria to name but a few. They are trained up three foot canes. A wide range of clematis is also stocked, such as early flowering 'alpinas', vigorous 'montanas' , large flowered varieties, and late flowering ' viticellas'. Several Jasmine varieties in stock including an evergreen variety with creamy yellow flowers instead of the usual white.

Conifers - We have dwarf conifers in many different sizes and colours, and also a range of very dwarf conifers suitable for the rock garden. We now have over 100 varieties in stock.These are lovely low maintenance evergreen plants which form delightful shapes in the garden. Most of our very dwarf plants do not grow more than 60cm (2') maximum and so don't require pruning, and contrary to popular opinion, will not take over your garden!  Miniature pines and blue spruces are in stock all year round. For leylandii please see our 'hedging' section. We have a fantastic selection of miniature conifers in beautiful colours.