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Roses - We stock miniature patio roses, ground cover roses, hybrid teas and floribundas. Gift roses such as 'Golden Wedding', 'Remembrance' and 'Mum in a million' are also available.( Please see our sundries page for details of our gift wrap service.)  The nursery has a large range of climbing and rambling roses, ideal for covering walls, fences, or trellis with lots of colour or scent. We have hundreds of varieties in stock, including a large selection of David Austin climbing and bush roses.

Shrubs - We have one of the most comprehensive displays of shrubs in the area, in many sizes, from the very small to the very large. We have two spacious covered areas where our shrubs are displayed and can be comfortably browsed even in cold wet weather. We have a good range of larger specimen plants all year round. A section of our glasshouse is devoted entirely to Japanese acers (please see our acer page for information) and there is a wide range of magnolias outside.We have all the usual shrubs such as Hebe, Euonymous, Weigela, Viburnum etc, but also many unusual species such as Arbutus ( strawberry tree), Chimonanthus, Sarcococca and more. We grow a wide range of shrubs ourselves, the rest are supplied by Lincolnshire growers.      


Fruit Trees - We have a large selection of new varieties, old favourites and a wide choice of rootstocks. We stock apples on three different rootstocks - the size of the rootstock determines the eventual height of the tree. Apricots, cherries, pears, plums, damsons and gages are in stock all year round, we have more than 40 varieties altogether. Some of our plums and gages are available on dwarf Pixie stock. Also for sale is a range of nut trees including walnuts and cobb nuts.  

Ornamental Trees - We have an extensive selection of trees, from the more common species such as flowering cherries, crab apples, and willows,  to the more  unusual variegated maples, Nyssa sylvatica, and Liquidambar. Both upright and weeping trees are always available, we have on display at any one time more than 65 different varieties of at least 25 species.  All our trees come from a nursery based near Evesham which has been growing trees for over 75 years.

Trees are best planted in September, October and early November when the soil is warm, and they can get established before the winter. Spring plantings take longer to establish as the soil is cold. However, as our trees are container grown, they can be planted all year except in the middle of winter when the ground is frozen.   

Salad vegetable plants - These are grown on the nursery, and usually ready during late spring and early summer, depending on the variety. A typical selection available would include different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.These are all ideal for planting out and growing on for superb tasty vegetables.